God’s grace and love

I don’t understand how some people say they ‘Love’ God or they put God first

,but you hate on someone because of their success? you should never hate anyone.

scriptures say..

how can you NOT Love someone you can see with your own eyes but you love someone you cannot see?

well you can’t !
God manifests himself through love, and that love is only repressed through our actions and emotions.

when you show love, kindness, and gentleness to others, you prove that Christ lives in you, and you live in Christ.

God will ALWAYS take a nobody and turn them into somebody for the good of his glory to shine.

..I give all my Glory to God. Amen and Amen.

-Earth LOC Ever Blown


want to finaly smile like you mean it?

..this is where people mess up, they compare themselves to rich and happy people who do not follow God and convince themselves that they do not need God.

well this is where they are wrong..

rich people that do not have God are NOT happy.

..they are happy ,but they feel like something is missing.

And yes that is God. God does not let proud people be happy.

God strips that joy from them and destroys their relationships and family.

Kids rebel against their parents and parents rebel against their husbands or wives.

Horrible right? well are you ready to start receiving God’s wonderful blessings?

I’m sure you are as you’re reading my Blog.

don’t be scared though. God isn’t waiting to start judging you and making you feel guilty. He’s waiting to start blessing you!! God WILL grant you your heart’s desires if you follow him and keep him number 1 in your life.

Never be proud of your own accomplishments or be proud of how pretty or handsom you may look. that’s when God turns from you and sends you terror.

Start doing good in your life and actually find peace with everyone you hate as well.

love everyone wholeheartedly and I promise God will step into your life and show you that he is your God that loves you dearly.

God alone is the sovereign Lord of Heavens Armies.

-praise be to God!


Let’s get this STRAIGHT..

GOD doesn’t count you as a righteous person for following his laws.

God counts you as a good person for the faith you have in him,

if you say you’re a believer but you have no faith,

His anger will blaze towards you and you can expect karma every now and then for the rest of your lives until your body decays back to the dust of the Earth as you began.

God alone is Lord of Lords.

blessings to all who rejoice in God’s decrees! 🙂

-ever blown