Relationships and Success. . .

Some people still wonder why they’re still not in a relationship or some artist wonder why they still aren’t getting the attention they deserve. If you give no glory to God he gives no glory to you. God will never give you what you want until you turn to him. people think turning to God means you don’t get to enjoy life but it’s the complete opposite. you enjoy life twice as much!! but everyone’s deaf to these words and are blind to the light of life. God WILL give you exactly what your heart desires but first you need to give your heart to the Lord. Amen? Amen!


Let’s get this STRAIGHT..

GOD doesn’t count you as a righteous person for following his laws.

God counts you as a good person for the faith you have in him,

if you say you’re a believer but you have no faith,

His anger will blaze towards you and you can expect karma every now and then for the rest of your lives until your body decays back to the dust of the Earth as you began.

God alone is Lord of Lords.

blessings to all who rejoice in God’s decrees! 🙂

-ever blown